Get Your Closets (and Other Areas) under Control

One of the best organization products I’ve ever worked with is the elfa shelving line from The Container Store. Mostly widely used for closets, it can also be used for shelving and organization in offices and garages–or just about anywhere!

Currently, elfa products (along with all shelving solutions) are on sale at The Container Store’s annual 25%-off Shelving Sale…potentially saving you hundreds of dollars.

And, while elfa is very easy to install, if you don’t want to bother with it, The Container Store will arrange for installation for you–and installation is also 25% off during the sale, which goes through October 16.

All you need to do to get started is measure the space you want to organize, which can be as small as the space needed for a drawer unit, or an entire closet, garage or other room. Next, take a quick inventory of what you have in the space — for example, for a closet, how much long-hanging (dresses/coats) space you are using and how much short-hanging (shirts/pants) space you are using. Also note other items such as purses or luggage being stored.

Don’t want to mess with it, but you long for an organized space? If you’re in the Dallas area, I’ll do the work for you. Just call Savvy Life Management at 972-400-0697!

Next, you can call The Container Store (888-CONTAIN) or go to any store with your notes, and they will custom-design the space for you, discussing design options with you and providing a cost quote for the solution. Some of the pieces may be up to seven feet long, so plan accordingly when you pick up your order (or have it shipped, though shipping adds expense). Next, install (or have it installed), store your belongings, and enjoy your organized space!

Savvy Life Management is not affiliated with, but is a fan of, The Container Store. To learn more about us and the personal assistant services we offer, visit


Author: Savvy Life Management

We are your personal concierge service. Located in North Dallas, and offering services online, we offer errand running, internet research, resume writing, shopping, travel planning, administrative service and more.

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