40 Ways to Use a Personal Concierge/Personal Assistant

Wondering if a personal concierge can help you? We are here to handle items on your to-do list, freeing up your time so you can focus on more important things in life – family, friends, work and fun.

Here are some ideas of things a personal concierge can handle for you so you can free up your time for what matters most to you.

These are in no particular order, and this not an exhaustive list – so if you have some other work in mind for us, just ask! Call Savvy Life Management at 972-400-0697 to get started.

1.      Update your resume.

2.      Drop off and pick up prescriptions.

3.      Make bank deposits.

4.      Take your car in for service.

5.      Mail a package for you.

6.      Buy the perfect gift for a loved one, a customer or your business contacts.

7.      Arrange for repair or service calls.

8.      Meet contractors, cable technicians, deliveries, etc. so you don’t have to wait for them.

9.      Purchase tickets for events.

10.   Make travel arrangements.

11.   Perform internet research.

12.   Do comparison shopping.

13.   Drop off and pick up dry cleaning.

14.   Return phone calls.

15.   Set appointments.

16.   Pick up groceries.

17.   Deliver meals.

18.   Help with packing or unpacking during a move.

19.   Organize your work space or closets.

20.   Provide courier/delivery services.

21.   Provide reminders of special occasions.

22.   Manage your calendar.

23.   Provide notary services.

24.   Provide administrative support.

25.   Reach out to your customers.

26.   Provide business referrals.

27.   Take your pet to the groomer or vet.

28.   Run other errands not listed above.

29.   Provide transportation to/from medical appointments.

30.   Check in on your house while you’re out of town.

31.   Pick up and deliver office supplies.

32.   Design and order business cards, flyers, letterhead or other materials.

33.   Address hand-written invitations or holiday cards.

34.   Compose and send correspondence.

35.   Perform on-line shopping.

36.   Locate hard-to-find items for purchase.

37.   Research activities and tour operators for your vacation.

38.   Order personalized gifts.

39.   Pay bills.

40.   Book spa services.